Naphtha – white gas, Mineral Spirits, lighter fluid, etc.

Paraffin – lamp oil, paraffin oil, mineral oil, etc.

Kerosene – Charcoal lighter, Zippo fluid, Crystal K, Aviation fuel

Denatured Alcohol – Ethanol with other chemicals to make it undrinkable.

Bio_Fuels – “Green” fuels to replace Lamp oil and White gas.

Colored_Fuels: Recipies for making colored flames.

FuelBusters – Our mythbusters pulled together everything you need to know about the chemistry of fuels: flash points, vapor, chemical structures, etc.

  • The Basics: the basics in non-technical language.
  • Vapor Myth: the myths and facts about explosive vapors.
  • Flash Point: a full, semi-technical description of flash point.
  • Petro Chem: a technical refresher of the chemistry of petrol.
  • Fuel_Comp: the various compositions of specific fuels.
  • Colored_Fuels: Recipies for making colored flames.
  • Bio_Fuels: A look into alternatives for petroleum products

International Fuel names – translation help for traveling performers.

Flammable liquids database– independent study of popular fuel components