Welcome to NAFAA

A home for fire performers and artists. A place to share knowledge, safety tips, fire codes and build community.

The North American Fire Arts Association was established in 2002 to provide resources to fire artists, to aggressively create and maintain a set of nationally recognized self governed safety standards regarding fire art and to establish fire art as a recognized genre of the art world through education and communication. The North American Fire Arts Association is an organizational shell set up to gather, unite and organize the regional Fire Arts Associations.

Our mission is:

To gather and distribute rules, regulations, laws and other information of specific interest to fire performers and to provide education, training and support services to fire artists.
To work with fire artists from around the country to assemble a set of self governed national safety standards that will sensibly addresses the concerns of fire professionals and exceed federally regulated standards based in part on scientific research and study.
To work with already established fire associations (such as the National Fire Protection Association or USWTA payday lender) to establish self governed national safety guidelines and standards for such things as performance and travel.
To encourage fire departments to reduce undo restrictions on fire performers through education, cooperation, and explanation of internal regulations.

NAFAA is a member of the Safety Advisory for Fire and F/X in Entertainment.